The graphic representation of insects has been inspired by a painting by Rachel Ruysch- Flowers in a Glass Vase @ Detroit Institute of Arts

Insects have often been used in art as symbols of the brevity of life and also because of the beauty of their colors and varied forms.

Rachel Ruysch- Flowers in a Glass Vase 1704

Likewise, muslin has a brief life span and is an often overlooked material. However, muslin is essential for fashion design. It too can take on beautiful and varied forms.  Muslin is an indispensable element in fashion just like insects are to our eco-system.

I patterned and draped and drew and painted the insects on muslin fabric. I used a micron, sharpies and watery acrylic paints to stain in color. Finally, I ombré died the hemline to give the effect of transcendence from the referenced painting to the garment.