Momento Mori
Chore Coat

Chore coat from scraps and old clothing that didn’t fit, had holes or were going to be put in the trash. The chore coat is really warm. The bodice is quilted and the sleeves are not. (Partly, because I lack a certain construction patience, when it comes to quilting and foundation paper piecing, techniques I learned specifically for the final garment)

Concept to finish, this took a bit over a month, on and off.

I am super happy that it’s in completed form. It’s reversible too! I added a waist drawstring for definition.

Some of the scraps of fabric have glow in the dark skeletal diagrams. The white scraps were left over pieces from a linen bridal underskirt. The light grey was previously an ill-fitting curtain.

The whole concept is that of memento mori-to remind of mortality, and of the brevity and fragility of human life. While this can be a useful principle, not everyone feels comfortable with it.