My Name is Jen.
I am a custom
clothing designer

I’ve been drawing since I can remember. Creativity is my practice. I went to the College for Creative Studies for 4 years in Detroit. I work designing websites and print. In 2015, I decided to teach myself to sew and I realized a passion. Now fashion design is part of my practice.

I love always learning. I have been sewing now for 9 years. I'm helping solve pollution issues in the garment industry. I design and formulate size inclusive fashion and would love to help with theatrical costuming, remain a happy person and earn a reasonable living.

CONTACT: jenspecindustries@gmail.com


I make a lot of the clothes I wear. Each piece has an explaination.

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For me, costumes give life!

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I figured this was a good way to use up scraps I save from old projects. I make them into ScrapPacks and sell them here.

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